Millennials can be pretty awesome. Think confident, tech savvy, achievement oriented, socially conscious and autonomous. However, as a collective group, they are also faced with ‘new’ challenges around the changing nature of work, a lack of enterprise skills, generational misunderstandings and a slow(er) economy. 

A focus on employability and enterprise skills, would help our youth to gain the confidence and knowledge to stand out of the crowd, secure meaningful jobs and improve their lives and that of those around them. 

That is exactly why we designed generationYOU.

Designed purely for young people aged 17-25, generationYOU brings together mentors, entrepreneurs and employers to share their knowledge, experiences and advice with tomorrow’s leaders. 

Think practical skills such as networking, personal branding, communication, problem solving, leadership as well as critical discussions around career development and the future of work. 

Through 10 live events, across 4 states, generationYOU has already inspired over 1,600 young people to seize opportunities and build the career and life they really want! 

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