Nadine Zrinzo, Co-Founder

Nadine is on a mission to facilitate 1,000,000 learning experiences through Bright Conferences and generationYOU.

Her love of learning started through her involvement with AIESEC. This led to a Conference Production role in London and onto the path of freelancing and eventually founder in Australia.

All roads led to generationYOU which, as a social enterprise, helps young people to unleash their potential in the workplace. To date generationYOU has helped over 1,300 Millennials across Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Made in Malta. Breathes in Brisbane and Byron Bay. Is a terrible surfer and an avid shopaholic!

Lisa Renneisen, Co-Founder

AKA as a guru of all things digital, techie or geeky! When she is not busy trialing a new social media platform or playing with new gadgets, Lisa manages and implements marketing campaigns for all our events and brands.

Lisa brings over 15 years of marketing and product management experience to Bright Conferences. She has worked with a number of startups in Europe and Australia before taking the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship and joining Nadine as a co-founder.

Made in Adelaide. Moved to Brisbane via London. Good cook. Terrible at Karaoke.

Nicola Knight, Event Guru

As the youngest member of the team, Nicola brings with her a set of killer skills that are integral to growing our Bright brands.As the youngest member of the team, Nicola brings with her a set of killer skills that are integral to growing our Bright brands.

Currently studying a Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management and Bachelor of Arts, as well as leading UQ’s Marketing and Advertising Society for 2017, you can say that she’s a world class multi-tasker.

Lives in the Sunny Coast with one dog and a talking budgie. Kind of fluent in Spanish. Full-time vegan. All-round legend.

Saara Khan, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Freshly graduated from QUT, Saara floats in a sea of content, social media, PR and general marketing doings.

With a mantra of getting sh(it) done she is handling the branding & marketing for our flagship, generationYOU. Saara is a young hustler keen to grow our community and help her generation to unleash their potential!

Made in South Africa. Moved to Brisbane via FNQ. Instagram fiend and aspiring Marathon runner!!

Biscuit, Office Pooch

Whilst Biscuit had a rocky start in life, she’s certainly landed on her feet. As the official mascot, office pup, all round hugger and scary guard dog at Bright, her days are busy.

She welcomes people as they come in with a little dance and a sniff, which generally gets met with lots of ‘oh wow a dog’ and ‘how cute’, once that’s done she naps and gracefully barks at any person in a high vis vest.

Made in Ipswich (we think). Moved to Teneriffe. Loves chewing toys, playing with people and going for short walks!